Evans Farm November 2017 Newsletter

What does it mean to be a prosecutor?

Written by: Carol O’Brien, Delaware County Prosecutor

Police officers, Sheriff’s deputies, firemen, and EMTs are visible heroes who receive and deserve the respect and admiration of citizens. They wear uniforms and ride in cruisers and firetrucks. Prosecutors don’t wear uniforms or drive flashy cars. We are behind-the-scenes, and for the most part, anonymous.

I have been a prosecutor for a long time, and believe me, I am a prosecutor through and through. I had the unique opportunity to attend a conference a while ago and hear what other prosecutors had to say. I listened to stories about victims who survived attacks by a serial killer. Some victims were raped, others were seriously injured, and some were killed. The horrors they faced shook me to my very core. Yet the prosecutors were able to work with the survivors and help them tell their story to a jury, giving them the strength to relive their tragedy over the course of a 9-month trial.

I found myself thinking, really thinking, about my career. I pondered what we all face and deal with as a matter of everyday business. We see physically and sexually abused children and adults. We see battered spouses and children. We see people whose relatives have stolen from them, people who have lost loved ones. Bottom line: prosecutors see people dealing with some of the worst experiences they will ever deal with. We see a level of evil that the average citizen doesn’t even realize exists.

A prosecutor may not be at the scene of every crime, but we relive it as we prepare for trial. Be it reviewing crime scene photos, poring over statements, listening to hundreds of jail calls, tracking down witnesses…whatever the task, we “live” our job, but we are not robots. We are human. We try cases and we are shattered when we lose, not for ourselves but for the victims.

We work early mornings and late nights, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. We don’t get paid for those hours or the hours we lay awake at night thinking about what our victims have gone through or the best strategy to help them. Occasionally there is a gripe about being underpaid and overworked, but we stay because this isn’t just a job – it’s a calling.

We are prosecutors because we passionately believe that victims need a voice. Sure, some leave for the private sector to earn more money for their families, but most stay. And those that leave will tell you that even on their worst day, being a prosecutor was a great job with justice being the ultimate goal.
So, it seems as though it should be easy to explain what a prosecutor does, but the truth is, each day is different. I cannot sugarcoat the situations we deal with because that would not honor the victim’s experiences. It would not be the truth to simply say, “We put bad guys away.” Each victim and each case is different. What stays the same is our resolve to do our best in order to preserve justice. And that, in a “large nutshell” is what it
“means” to be a prosecutor.

I am proud to be your prosecutor, and I am proud to work with a group of dedicated assistant prosecutors who live, work, breathe, and believe in our Delaware County community.

Carol O’Brien is the Delaware County Prosecutor.  Prosecutor O’Brien is a friend of our Evans Farm community as we are pleased to be supporters of Carol and her efforts of justice for our Delaware County community. 

Current Happenings

  • Our first section of Evans Farm is in the final stages of construction with our utilities and streets being completed. We expect to have our final portion of utility work and pavement installed in the next couple of weeks.
  • While our work has not been in the “news”recently, our work at the nursery has resulted in all of our current trees and saplings bedded in for wintering over. Over the past months, we have also been quite busy harvesting thousands of seeds and acorns from numerous local and on-site sources. These seeds have been processed and stored for planting in early 2018. Our nursery now contains well over 4,000 trees.
  • Evans Farm celebrated our first lot closing in early November! We are scheduling numerous lots for closings in the upcoming weeks.

Commercial & Residential Sales Update

Written by: Bryan Savage & Ray Hustek

The dirt is turning, roads are being paved and we are in the process of reviewing designs for Phase I of our marketplace. The past sixteen months have been quite busy. We have been discussing the development with numerous interested retail tenants, many of whom we feel are the best in their categories to come into Evans Farm. The list includes local and regional restaurants, a coffee shop, an ice cream shop, other traditional retail shops and services, as well as some unique businesses that you will enjoy. As the weather turns a little cooler, and the holidays are approaching, we look forward to spending time with family and friends. Our Evans Farm Family and Friends, wish you all peace and the warmth and love of family and friends this holiday season!

According to U.S. Census data analysis from the National Association of Home Builders, 65% of new single-family homes started in 2016 included a front porch. This is up more than 105 over just 10 years ago. Why? Because people want to be part of a community. They want to get to know their neighbors again. People want to feel the safety inherent in a place where everybody knows everybody.

Each of these desires, a sense of belonging, being part of a community and security, are being addressed in “new urbanism” communities throughout the United States. Now in Lewis Center comes Evans Farm, the first community of this type in Central Ohio. Add the appeal of the front porch to the ability to walk to the grocery, the neighborhood pub, the bank or perhaps your own office. Explore 500+ acres of undeveloped space near water features, through wooded areas or just enjoy an evening stroll.

We will soon be completed with the first phase of development which will allow the first homes to be started this year with the downtown district following next spring. If this unique lifestyle appeals to you, please contact us at the Information Center on Lewis Center Dr. or online at evansfarmliving.com.

Sales Center Holiday Hours

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